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For What

My chief foot complaint is:

My condition(s) have existed for:





What medicines do you take regularly:

Do you have or have you had any of the following: (*do not know) Are you allergic or sensitive to:
   Yes No DNK      Yes No DNK           Yes No DNK      Yes No DNK
Foot or leg injuries Diabetes        Anemia Novocain
Foot or leg surgery Heart trouble        Gout Penicillin
Foot or leg cramps Epilepsy        Fainting spells Adhesive tape
Foot or leg numbness Liver disease        Bleeder Materials
Knee pain Kidney disease        Blood disease Drugs
Unequal leg length Rheumatic fever        Circulation problems Foods
Weak Ankles High blood pressure        Hardening of arteries Other describe
Bunions Polio        Varicose veins _____________________
Foot skin problems Bursitis        Arthritis _____________________
Toe nail problems Stomach ulcers        Cancer _____________________
Low back pain Asthma        Prone to infection _____________________

I hereby give Dr. _____________________________ permission to examine and treat my feet.

_____________________________________________________ _____________________________________
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